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We Blog About what makes mobile Fun and Successful
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Infinity Control: Starseed

A Sci-Fi line drawing game
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Retina Graphics

Beautifully detailed Art hand painted that takes full advantage of your retina device.

3 Worlds to discover


keep ahead of satellites orbiting around earth while docking ships

only the best pilots can navigate Saturn’s dense asteroid field

Skill is required to escape the Black holes of Alien World.

Great Sound Design

A dynamic orchestral soundtracks that adjusts to the gameplay.

Our Mission

Game Design

We dissect games to figure out what makes them fun.


We tear apart mobile games to find the strategies they use to take your money.


What makes you want to share a game with your friends.


What techniques do games use to get played by more people.

Fun Factor

What are the elements that make games so fun to play.


How do we find games and what sets them apart?

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Read on man:)
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We make Fun games

We don’t only research fun games, but we also make fun games you can play.

What Makes games tick

Make better games by learning the reasons why other games are so successful.

What makes games fun

Build better game-play into your games.

Help shape our Games

Be a part of our community and help shape the next big mobile game